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#We Are For Art

The story may start with a simple question: “How can we sell the art created in Romania?”

Art is selling very hard in Romania.

But the artist creates, he does not sell.

The art consumer, in Romania, is only a specialized audience.

It seems weird, but the Romanian Art Factory concept has been boldly configured, with a structure, based on the says of our great Brancusi:

“Things are very hard to do. It is difficult to put yourself in a position to do so ”- Constantin Brâncuși, Romanian sculptor, Hobița, Gorj, February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957

Romanian Art Factory has placed us in a pure state of “do it”, to build in an original and innovative way, a virtual gallery, with an online store incorporated,  to put in one place the romanian artists, to promote and sell their creation.

Romanian Art Factory is the first 360˚ gallery in Romania with an online store.


The creative potential in Romania can be seen here. Everything that is “made” with passion by the romanian artists, unique, is here. In this virtual, unconventional space, Romanian artists can exhibit works and can be widely published, all over the world, the creative force of Romania. Art consumers have, through modern technology, a gallery space that satisfies the most complex tastes in the field of art.

Romanian Art Factory takes the romanian visual art from the rigor of traditional promotion and incorporates it into the new international trends.

Romanian Art Factory is a collaborative environment, bringing together, contemporary Romanian artists and consumers of art, 100% Romanian, but also a tradable environment, through which contemporary art is promoted and sold worldwide.